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May 24, 2021

Electric vehicles seem to have been around for a long time, yet they also seem to be something of the future. What are some of the key barriers to entry that have historically stopped consumers from adopting an EV? And how has an evolution in technology made them more accessible for many people, particularly those that had suffered from ‘Range Anxiety’ or who live in city centre apartments where charging points could be limited.

Joining us in this episode of Wheels in Motion is:

Edmund King, OBE – President of the Automobile Association (AA) & Trustee & Director of the AA Charitable Trust for Road Safety and the Environment.  

Paul Horrell – Motoring Journalist, Consultant Editor at BBC Top Gear Magazine and website, Contributor to The Road Rat and The Sun Newspaper.

Lex Hartman – CEO of Ubitricity focussed on providing electricity for everyone, everywhere.

We’ll also be talking to Music Producer, Sir James Reynolds who is currently considering an EV purchase and looking to be persuaded that now is the time to buy from this expert panel.